January 13, 2001: Landon is currently attending Grant Macewan College in Edmonton. This site hasn't been updated as much as it should be - but stay tuned! I have a makeover planned...

December 16, 2000: Last night Landon had a fantastic show at the Hub Hotel on Jasper Ave in Edmonton.

October 11, 2000: I finally saw Landon... he's moving to Lethbridge, AB soon. He says it's because there's more musical culture there so he can spread his music around. I don't believe him though.

July 29, 2000: Added more songs to

July 17, 2000: Added the Caged Birds MP3 on an offsite server.
Also added pictures from Peace Fest 2000.

July 7, 2000: Landon's debut album, Dirty43Juice is available! There are three alternate covers...

The album contains the following original songs:

  1. Don't Let It Bring You Down
  2. Trippin' And Movin'
  3. Caged Birds
  4. Can't Trust Billy (That F***ing Song)
  5. Mobility Tango
  6. Sweet Lorretta
  7. You Won't See Me Again
  8. Half The Heartbroken World
  9. Marita Conchita
  10. Sissy Spacecase

For ordering information, e-mail